Stolen bees in Herefordshire

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Sep 4, 2023
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Hi everyone, Joe here from Staunton Park Bees, I had 2 hives stolen in a private woodland apiary. They shook one hive out of all bees, and took another full hive including the super.

I found the hive 5-10 minutes drive away, tucked in the corner of a field. Luckily I have a my own SP branding iron, so I could tell the bees were mine. I took them back last night.

They stole them around 4 weeks ago, but I only found out this weekend. Please be vigilant as it seems more people are stealing hives. I have taken 16 hives to the heather near Llangollen… I didn’t realise the ones closer to home were more at risk! Anyone else had any pinched?

I will create a YouTube video on what happened, please subscribe to

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