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Drone Bee
Jul 13, 2009
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Like many Beekeepers I spent my Christmas money on Sale items from Thornes
only to discover that with the addition of VAT all I had done was buy a lot of
"Seconds" for what ended up being just a few pennies less.

I have also spent time traveling around various shops in an effort to buy the cheepest
Sugar, realising soon after that the few pence I had saved on the sugar didn't cover the
Increased petrol prices for the fuel I used.

So imagine my frustration when visiting our local Association Shop to discover
I could have purchased all my frames and foundation there for less than the Thornes
prices (which have now increased in price), as well as Sugar for 60p a kilo.

Moral of my tale is - it may be worth checking with your local association
before spending money.
They also had some 'Second hand' hives for sale, and because they are local
there is no postage charges to worry about :cheers2:
despite all that your local BKA is almost certainly buying alone or as part of a region from Thorne's anyway, the same happens with YBKA and sub associations - they get a massive discount way below those sale prices and these are then passed on without any mark up

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