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Norman Matthews

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Dec 30, 2022
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I am based in North West Leeds and I am a second year Beekkeeper.

My first year was spent preparing my site on a local allotment and starting with one nuc of bees. I still have just the one hive of bees but I am hoping to expand without the need to buy any more bees.

I use a Paynes poly hive which I am happy with as it was fairly cheap, bought through Haarogate & Ripon Beekkeepers Association.

I managed to lose my queen mid season, but the bees managed to replace her. It’s a good job someone knows what they are doing!

Looking forward to doing a split and some swarm control on the assumption my bees make it through the winter.

Have been very lucky to have had the help of a local Beekkeeper who talked sense to me and told me that the bees knew what they were doing even if I didn’t.
Hi Norman. Welcome to the best beekeeping forum on the planet. Stay with us and have a good look around. Post any questions in the beginners section
Awesome. Glad to have you here, Norman. Welcome!
Enjoy the forum and good luck.

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