Hybrids & defensive/aggressive behaviour

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How do you do that?
From.where you get pure subspecies?

In whole Europe bees are more or less hybrids.
Ireland is by and large pure or nearly pure Apis Mellifera Mellifera (except in some areas that have become hybridised). As a country we one of the last strongholds for the subspecies in Europe. We are also the centre for some of the most important honeybee research on the planet. This is being carried out by an international team of scientists based at NUIG Galway.

Just musing about this year's beekeeping activities. Debating buying in a couple of queens.
Many years ago I bought a buckfast queen, she was prolific and her workers were calm & gentle - the next generation not so much! Defensive, "following" & stung neighbours some distance away!
I've read since that this is a recognised issue with buckfast hybrids. I'm just wondering if the same applies to other hybrids; eg if I buy a dark amm queen am I likely to get aggression in future hybrids with my darkish local mongrels.
Part of me thinks just keep selecting the best mongrels!
So. Maybe it depends where you get your Buckfast from? I’ve kept them from the very start, my first being from Pete Little and subsequent ones from BS and from Germany. I’ve never had nasty bees right up to three generations along when I replace them anyway.
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