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May 13, 2019
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I am trying the horsley board method this time,And i think it will very soon as a couple of my hives are really busy and with between 5 and 7 frames of Brood .
They are all DB and looking like we are into a flow. With this method being very simmilar to demaree would now be the time to start the HB Method. Ive never used the HB/Demaree method before so just checking to see if the timing is right.No sighn of any Q cells last inspection ,but my 5 day insp is due tomorrow. Thank You
Should have said the 2 very busy hives bothe have 2 supers on each and bees are using them.
Demaree is used before the swarming impulse. Horsley board is used once you find QC.
I’ve used the horsey boards a few times, they work well.
Double brood and 2 supers for 5-7 Frames of brood? That's a bit excessive and I wouldn't call this very busy.
I run my hives on single brood and will demaree when I have at least 9 frames of brood and have done a bit of frame swap to give my queens room to lay. By then my BB and at least a super would be bursting with bees.