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Honey for sale in Kent?

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Bee Me Up

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Nov 30, 2009
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Hello people of Kent, I'm looking to sample various honey from around our county as and when I run out of honey at home to eat (haven't started bee-keeping just yet!).

I'd like to know what price you are selling at (and for how much in weight terms), and where/when I can get it.

Just leave the main details here and I'll PM you for any more info should it be needed the next time I'd like to buy some.

Thank you.
....but there has been a gradual transition to smaller jars, mainly 3/4 lb, by those of us selling to retailers at least, to enable us to compete easier with big packers, none of whom are using 1lb jars. It's a price sensitive market, but not weight sensitive.

Last time I looked Kent beekeepers had a good list of honey for sale on their website.

Where in Kent "Bee Me Up"? I'm originally from those parts myself. Going back this coming weekend in fact for new nephew's christening.
I've been looking very closely at supermarket jar sizes and prices this week and there's a lot of funny business going on, hence why I thought it'd be best to just be upfront and state what price and for what weight.

For example, my local "Express" supermarket is selling a well known brand of honey in a 400g jar for the same price as the same product in another store in a slightly bigger 454g jar.

There seems to be a lot of 340g jars retailing for the same kind of price as a 454g own brand jar. Then there's your manukas, organics, eucalyptus and acacias and all of which seem to be the product of more than one country - and particularly a blend of EEC and Non-EEC countries!

I just want to try a local honey (preferably organic!) in a standard 1lb jar for a standard price.

Only problem is, what's standard in price and weight?!!!! Answer, there are no standards! - and supermarkets will only ever push the margins in their favour. I'm trying my hardest to get away from Supermarkets in general and I'd like to think I'm helping local bees by buying locally.

Anyway, ChrisB, I'm from around the county really - Canterbury, Ashford, Hythe, Folkestone, Thanet - anywhere but North and West Kent I suppose...
I would say a retail price of about £5.00/pound is about average for local non-special honey. We sell ours from the door at £4.50 but a shop I supply sells the very same honey for nearly £7.00 - but they are in a wealthy area.

By the time customers struggle up our drive and arrive breathless we take pity on them and sell it probably too cheap. Might go to £5.00 next year.
I don't think you'll find any UK produced organic honey.
I don't think you'll find any UK produced organic honey.

Surely Captain Spacey 'the professional' can provide some...or at least some labelled as such, not that it means a damn thing - my bees and honey, just like almost everyone else's is 100% organic, containing only carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen - with the odd trace of pesticide at a few parts per billion :)
Hmm, good point - I hadn't thought about that!


How about organic polytunnel-only bees' honey?
I think Bee Me Up that you will find that there are no bees raised or kept in polytunnels.
Bees may be encouraged to pollinate crops in polytunnels, but generally forage up to 3km from home to seek out what takes their fancy and can fly a lot further if necessary. Polytunnels are likely not to be able to satisfy their needs.
The reality is as stated by m100, that there is effectively no organic honey produced in the UK.
Tony didn't say that the swarm might have been from one of his colonies, did he? I'm thinking that he was perhaps looking to get his product direct to the Derby High Street and cut out the middle man in the process. :)

The man is allegedly a leg end in his own time!

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