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Jul 28, 2008
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Could members post pics of hive types/frames so that any new beekeeper's can see what is possible before making a purchase.

Maybe a short description plus the pos and neg points of the hive..

Easy and cheap to build, no foundation needed, much favoured by "natural" beekeepers


Aesthetically pleasing, relatively easy and cheap to build, and allows the bees the luxury of "nestduftwarmebindung" (the maintenance of essential nest heat and atmosphere) - very much "hands off" management

-will expand on this later............
as promised - here's a shot into the top-bar hive some 17 days after the swarm was introduced - all their own work!


and here's a shot of one of the combs at 17 days

Any one got any pics to post of the poly 3 in 1 nuc sold by Park beekeeping ?
It would be interesting to see a proper break down instead of the thumb nail views beloved of supply web sites :)

John Wilkinson
top pictures for a top bar hive, to all the newbees out there have a look at the video section as i ant going to upload my pictures as admin would kill me for uploading that many, but there are many many pictures and helpers out here so just ask we will do our best to suit you
National cedar hive,nucleus hive,and the new omlet beehaus,all good hives.
If you wish to make the national look more WBC ish,then you can add a stand and gabled roof.
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Pete (HM)

They look better than some of my house furniture:cheers2:

Oh and the wooden hives are not bad as well:boxing_smiley::cheers2:
Wicked timber hives Hivemaker but do you mean a bit like this

Providing I can the photo to load
OK my brain is starting to hurt now how do I upload a photo of my hive from my computer so it can be an attachment to the message otherwise my hammer is starting to call me
The way I upload pictures is to put them on and then you can paste the URL of the pictures into your Forum entry, using the button with a picture of a mountain on it. It is a bit of a fiddle finding the URL in Flickr and I have to re-learn how to do it almost every time. The Help on Flickr isn't much good. You will need to open an account with Flickr but it is free. I can talk you through it if you open account first.

There is a way of uploading picturess to an album on the Forum but it didn't work for me the last time I tried - said there was a missing token or something so I went back to Flickr. There are alternatives to Flickr but it is the one I've learned to use.
Same procedure , but I use photo bucket much easier to navigate :)

John Wilkinson
Thanks might give it a 3rd go later my confidence is ebbing away hope its not going to be a bad day
The photo or a similar one is in my album tryed to move it across but no

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