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Feb 12, 2024
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I am an aspirant UK beekeeper. Just accepted by an employer from Luss, Scotland, and waiting for my visa application process. I have 5 years experience as a beekeeper and very excited to work soon.

Thank you admin for accepting me here! Would love to share my knowledge to you guys. God bless...
Welcome from me.
Can you tell us more about keeping bees in your home country?

One year Stan and I got as far as Fort William before turning round and going home!
Tabard insect repellent, formulated in South Africa, I met the lady who produced it when I called in to see my cousin in Jo'burg at the end of my Lesotho trip.
Available on Amazoon
Does it work? Have you tried it ?
I love this bit

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Yes it does work. I always have a couple of them in our camper van for when we go touring, I even buy them from the local Co-op and give them to relatives who come and visit and go touring the rest of Scotland in the summer months. There are very few midges where I live as its mostly too windy, plus very few trees and bushes, but of course visitors want lochs, burns and trees. Plenty of that around Luss for the OP.:alien:

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