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Feb 9, 2009
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Hello all, I am a newbie from Yorkshire. I have been interested in the idea of beekeeping all my life and thought i would begin my journey by reading as much as i could before jumping in. I have had a life long interest in all animals and have rather a collection. My main hobby at the moment is falconry. This suits me well as i love the out doors.
I am currently studying at Hull uni for a zoology degree. If there are any beekeepers on here in my local area i would love to hear from you and any advice for beginners from anyone would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Louise
Welcome to the forum, ask as many questions as you like.
Have you found or thought about joining your local Association ?


I am also in Yorkshire (East). If you are near Hull you are quite close to me.

I have been keeping bees for 3 years now, no where near an expert, but progressed very well in short time.

I have always wanted to do falconry!!! may be we could have an exchange of skills? and help each other out ?

PM me if you are intrested
Welcome Louise!!!

Wow, Falconry sounds fab!!! Maybe you could tell us a bit more!
Ive allways been interested in birds, it's a shame your not nearer.

hello thanks for all the replies. I have a female harris hawk in her second season. I hunt mainly rabbit and pheasant with her though i also get the odd duck too. I try to fly her everyday during the hunting season (october - march) though during the summer she is free in her aviary to moult out all her feathers.
Over the years i have built up quite a bond with her and flying her becomes very rewarding.
yes lovely looking bird, do you need a licence.

yes lovely looking bird, do you need a licence.


contrary to popular belief you do not need a licence to keep a harris hawk though i wouldnt recommend anyone getting one unless they have a mentor and all adequate knowledge before hand. They are not something you can get on a whim, they change your life.

I have a hawk around my hives,loads of rabbits around for it.

I will try and get some pics for everyone as it sits on a post next to the hives keeping an eye on me.

I am not sure what it is but it does look like your HH Louise.
There are many escapie harris hawks so it could easilly be one of them. it could also be a common buzzard though they wouldnt be likely to come too close to you.
hi louise,

do you have any pics off your aviary, i feel another hobby coming on.

I can imagine keeping a harris hawk is as addictive as keeping bees.

Aviary/apiary could get confusing.

I remember reading about strict rules that used to be in place about who was allowed to own different specied of bird of prey. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could own a kestrel, but anything else was reserved for those higher up in society. Does anyone know the details?
I've just been looking at a vid of a pest controller who's job is to keep pigeon's and gulls away from the Parliament buildings.

I'd like a job like that, out with my bird all day and being paid for it.

I have a programe called the tube about London underground,it has a nice piece in it about a HH thats used in the train dept.

I will grab the bit and put it on youtube.
At present i dont keep mine in an "aviary" its a mews. Its like a lean too. as she is not loose during flying season she is tethered to a bow perch. Falconry takes over and changes your life (for the better). I am more attached to my hawk than i ever have been to any dog or cat. It is a hobby i would recommend to dedicated people though i cannot stress the importance enough of sourceing an experienced mentor before you start to help you as a beginner.
Any "tom dick or harry" can purchase a harris hawk there are no regulations. Though there is whats called a lantra course which is a sort of optional beginners qualification. The quality of this course however is debatable.
Breeders are becoming more wary of beginners now and many will not sell a youngster to anyone without proof of a mentor. This is the attempt by the falconry community to try and stop the hundreds of birds that either die or escape through neglegance of a beginner. any more questions i would be happy to answer,