Have you asked Santa for any beekeeping stuff ?

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Jul 28, 2008
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I have asked Santa for a Dictaphone and a couple of bee books to add to my growing library of around 50 books I already have.

Have you asked Santa for anything bee related ?
A new smoker!
Ours is a battered old thing, and the holes dont line up properly!

Oh, and Ive asked Santa to keep a special eye on our bees...
A new smoker, to keep at home for the nuc i introduce next spring.

Though as i am sick as a dog at the moment, and a bit down, i thought i might pop along to Thornes tomorrow for some retail therapy.
Thornes will love you Sweetums giving them some therapy.
I Know, thats why i'm a Muppett.
Get well soon Sweetums!

People have started buying me bee stuff anyway thinking I have a type of bee related OCD. I am now slightly scared of bee soaps and creams.

One of my friends as a pre Christmas treat is determined to take me to the Secret Life of Bees that is at a local cinema tomorrow. She says she has a voucher to get £2 off a glass of wine too. :cheers2:
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Oooh is that the new film i heard mentioned, let me know if its any good, im sure i heard something on the telly about it the other day.

Enjoy the wine.
Its not a bad film I watched it a couple of nights back,I am going too try and get a copy of Ulee's Gold with Peter fonda.
Is it on DVD yet ? "Secret life of Bees" that is ?
:xmas-smiley-013::xmas-smiley-013:hmmm santas list...

gloves and overalls...

langstroth poly hive

2 packages of bees

a basic beekeeping course at newbury college

my dads old observation hives and kit

a smoker

a copy of langstroths book

a brad driver and gimp pins

a J hive tool

a good stash of 25mm ply

apart from that i'm sure i'll think of more......

hope ive been a very very good boy :xmas-smiley-013:

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