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Apr 3, 2009
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Hello all.

Have just been carrying out my first proper harvest ever and although I thought I had already done so earlier in the year quite a few of my frames had granulated honey in them.

It is quite possibly rape and the runny honey is now straining but I'm wondering what to do with that left in the supers? IS it ok to let the bees clear it out or will it be useless to them over winter?

Failing that i guess my only alternative is to take the wax out and start afresh next spring?
If there's not too much you could scrape it out, the bees will repair the damage.
I usually extract OSR as soon as possible, and any that won't goes back to the bees. Well mixed in with the flow. They will clean it out even if it is slowly.

Regards, RAB
Dont spoil your combs. No problem.
You have summer left and bees suck the combs clean.

Uncap the combs
Put some into the hive hjust over the brood area in hottest place.

Bees lick a part of honey away.

Next day spray water mist over the cells so bees lick easier the granules.

If you not spray, they may carry granules out.

I have huge numbers stose combs.
Thanks all.

Finman - Do i need to spray mist on the combs every day? Can't say i've heard of this method but guess it's to stop the OSR granules being taken down. Must admit i'm oh so sceptial either way!
We have been dipping some old frames with OSR honey in the water butt before feeding back to the bees.

They have cleaned it out completely now.
dipping some old frames with OSR honey in the water butt

I wouldn't do that. If there is any disease it could be spread.

Regards, RAB