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House Bee
May 3, 2021
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Turin, Italy
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Hello to everyone from the north of Italy!
As some of you may know, we had a spell of bad weather up until last week and so I had to feed my two hives with 2:1 syrup. All is well and I’ve inspected the hives since then and they seemed to be doing well. There was lots of new wax and bridging comb so I put a super on each hive. I inspected them again today and found massive amounts of bees in the supers lots of new wax and most cells full of a clear substance…
Could it be honey or would it be more likely the sugar syrup they moved into the supers? How can I tell?
They seemed to have some spare room down in the brood nest but just not sure what to do if they’ve moved syrup up there instead of filling the supers with honey.
Any advice greatly appreciated!
Thank you