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Sep 27, 2010
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Probably about 5/6 at the moment
Thought I would share this with you. Before I do, I must stress I have NO CONNECTION with this provider, but thought some might find this useful.

My missus (non beek) had expressed a wish for greater protection than the smock I had for her and so I have just bought her a full suit from that online place. You know the one.

Anyway, I managed to get one for just under £25 plus £7 P&P, making it a total of £32 all in.

Although not as good as my BB Wear suit (and it is white, not sage like mine), it came in at a third of the cost and it is certainly far greater than a third of the quality.

The fabric is quite heavyweight, the zips are all chunky plastic, there are many pockets and the leg cuffs are also zipped/elasticated.

She wasn't exaclty overwhelmed when I revealed it to her, but did concede it should afford her more protection, which for me means she will be more confident around the bees.

Anyway, I consider it a good value item and thought there would be some thrufty beeks out there who might be looking for a new or supplementary suit, even if only for those who occasionally accompany you.

Here is a link to the shop. I hope this is OK, admin.
Glad to hear it's reasonable.

As a beekeeper, I hate spending money but have concluded that the best money ever spent was my sheriff gear. i do get the occasional sting but am always grateful that I've got top quality protection when my bees are furious. (Honey harvest) I don't think you should ever compromise on the veil. It may be a matter of life and death!
Thanks for this - I had been thinking about a full suit, rather than just a top half...

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