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I found the gasvap a pain on anything more than a couple of hives. Even with extra caps they are hard to handle and that’s even with some snazzy Webber bbq mitts.
And yes when hot I don’t think it sublimates correctly.
Then there’s the problems with the blow torches. The original ones they come with don’t appear to be able to cope with anything but light use, that also goes for most the recommended replacement type’s unless you adapt for something like the professional plumber types.
I find the Gasvap great… it works well for me 👍
I had a problem with the OA "boiling" but realised I was using OA I had decanted into a small pot that wasn't airtight. I think it had absorbed extra atmospheric moisture. It was ok when I went back to using the sealed pot.
However I now have an instantvap & very pleased with it, seems expensive but once you've raced through a bunch of hives easily it seems good value!
I found an alternative gasvap

Cost with delivery £149


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