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Apr 16, 2009
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uk, Abingdon
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tried to search but couldn't find the answer.
So as my relative drove to England he managed to bring me all the
foundation i had back in my country i hadn't used. about 4 kg of sheets. as it is different size i have to cut it and fit it. I planned to use it in my super frames and as it is unwired the idea of wiring 200 frames seems frightening. The big question is can i use it without wiring. I believe yes but need conformation from experienced.

I use starter strips, no wires, have no problems. Goes through the extractor with no problems. If I was you, I'd use it unwired & not worry.
wiring 200 frames is a slow and boring job but realy you only do it once, this year i have to make a few 12x 14 frames (900) at least if not more and a few super frames (6,600) hat is if all 150 hives pull through and there will three men several wives and 4 kids helping , I have also still to make around 600 supers, they are cut up but wanting nailing together
Pete I still have 2 piles of supers ready cut that I was meaning to assemble last spring !
You cant rush this beekeeping thing :smilie_bett:

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