First snow of the season

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Jolly! We just had a couple of guys in a scaffolder's truck turn up. They were lost. We live just off the top of a hill and the drive starts level where it joins the road but then slopes down to the house. Can you see where this is going yet? Because the truck wasn't going anywhere once they'd left the level section :(

1981 was bad As was 1959 and 1963.
Maybe even 1963
63 was bitterly cold. Water pipes froze underground but fortunately most were still lead so Yorkshire Water toured the consumers with an oxford welder, two loooong cables and clamps. By clipping onto the street stop tap and the inside pipes they could pass a heavy current through the lead pipe, causing it to warm up. Once a trickle started they switched off the current and the trickle became a proper flow. They would tidy up and move on to the next frozen supply.
It was pretty cold for a brief period in the 70 as I was at work with a steam hose trying to thaw ice off a bit of frozen plant. The steam would thaw where it hit. Water would run down and freeze again a foot or so below. The steam hose was hot so we wore heavy welders gloves but every other part of us was bitterly cold. Took us half an 8 hour shift to get the job done.
Not as bad as 1947 - with a miners' strike at the same time.
I remember the winter of 1947.. We lived in a mining village in the top end of the Rhondda Fach.. The snow on the roads was over 24 inches thick. The older lads made a "fortress" wall across the road complete with watch towers..
It lasted so long
I had just turned 12. Still had to trudge to school though. 😬
I was on leave over Christmas '63 when I was stationed at RAF Locking, WSM. My home village (Maerdy RCT) was completely cut off. I had to walk, carrying my kit bag, down to Porth approx 6 miles, caught a train to Cardiff. The Severn Tunnel was closed. So had to take a train to Bristol via Gloucester. Changed train and got a "local" train to WSM. It stopped at Milton Halt. Then I started to hoof it up to Locking Camp. A 3 tonner came along and picked us up and dropped us off at the guardroom.. Took me 14 hours from home to camp..
I remember seeing servicemen in uniform with their kitbags travelling on the trains. Not allowed in uniform any more
Yes, they started to ban us from wearing uniforms off camp in the middle '60s.. Some of my mates were beaten up by a mob of "Ban the Bomb" idiots.. Then the IRA started to really increase their campaign for independance. I was at Odiham in '65 when they tried to steal armaments from the armoury, they were armed with rifles and pistols. I was on "Fire Piquet" that night and we were given "pickaxe" handles to patrol the airfield.. We were called to the armoury and we laid into the morons with the staves.. It was next morning we were told about the guns they had on them.
81 winter cut off our village for three weeks to anything smaller than a big 4wd tractor.
2010 we had the hot water pipes freeze in our kitchen overnight
Legend has it that '59 and 63 killed off garden hedges to a point that Leylandi then came into omnipresence

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