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Nov 8, 2008
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How many beekeepers also have ferrets,and do you work them,and no lewd comments from enzyme.
I used to, made my own nets as well - at the end of the day came to the conclusion that it was a damned sight easier to sit quietly with a gun and wait.
Even with a radio locator collar, there is a danger that the little so and so's will kill underground, then you've got the choice of waiting for a day or two, or digging them out:)
I really liked my ferrets, they do pong, but are delightful, if "nippy" creatures:)
Did you have Polecats as well?
Do some people cross ferrets with them?
It was 25 years ago when I kept them - if they were white, the local ferreters termed them "polecats", if they were brown, "ferrets" - as to how accurate that actually is, I haven't a clue - mine were white, hence "polecats":)
I believe you will find it the other way round Brosville, black and yellow/white is the polcat or panda, Similar to the wild polcat in colouration. I also used to knit my own nets,came to the same conclusion as you, take a gun and let them bolt,okay as long as you don't take dogs. Male ferret is hob female is a jill. White one's are simply known as albino,and there are even more colours and names.
I've never kept ferrets but a number of years ago I had a major problem with rats in an old barn. Didn't want to use poison because of risk to other pets. Local gamekeeper gave me a plastic bag of ferret poo - it doesn't half stink - Rat problem solved they all legged it for pastures new:cheers2:
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One of my aparies backs on to a large zoological park,they sell Lion poo in bags fo gardners who want to keep cats out of the garden,cat comes along smells the amount of pheremone in the lions poo and thinks sod that!!!
We've had ferrets for many years. Mainly pets but they get a rabbiting outing once or twice a year. We've never lost one or had to dig, mainly because we're cautious and don't go for any big warrens. We've only caught 2 rabbits in the last 7 years.

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