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Jan 26, 2009
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Here's a question to all you seamistress and tailors and home sewers out there.
As can be seen from the videos I prefere to make my own suit and protective equipment, dont ask I just do. The question is what sort of wieght would you choose, I am looking at some polycotton and a roll of cotton on fleabay both around the 300gram mark (dont know what that is in dead fish I think 10 oz) now considering i wear a suit out in a year two at the most, so do I go for the heavier fabric or do I go lighter and put in wearing pads. Dont forget as well that I also end up doing wasp and hornets aswell durring the year. Lastly just icase admin brings up "that photo"

heres the new design , what do you think,to many sequins????

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It'll take an age to sew all those sequins on HP.

I do a lot of dressmaking, but have no experience of fabric weight and buying it like that, always prefering and being able to feel the fabric in question and get a guide from that.

I'd go for a heavier one though. Some modern cheap poly-cottons can be just a touch too flimsy.

thats my problem realy , plenty of good deals on the tinternet but where I live in brum we have some great fabric warehouse's but they do charge a lot more than I would want. I wanted to make three beek suits for me and several small kids and a small adualts as well for the shed
I'm with Frisbee.
Even if you can identify the correct weight different constructions have different "feels". Sometimes they are treated which makes them stiffen up.
I would go for polycotton and source a roll end from the local market.
On a lighter note, you could always use curtain lining fabric (polycotton?) and either tie-dye, have the kids draw on it or just au naturel. I don't suppose that the weight is sufficient or the fabric adequate. Passably cheap though - Tulle :)

Smear with PVA and put the sequins in the barrel of a 12bore then apply liberally - bang.
Thats the problem with woman,they can be so sensible at times.
I often come up with good ideas(or so they seem at the time)that get mooted by all the girls at home.
she does not want to stop it, its me wanted to stop it as she wants to make sure i use proper cartridges awell, accidental death by 12 gauge sewing cartridges!!!!

I was thinks of getting some poly cotton drill that will wash at 40 dergress no worries and its only around £3.50 per metre I was looking at 10 metres so thats £35 localy but I can buy 25metres on a roll on fleebay for the same amount including postage
if it's an ebay shop would they send you a 6 inch squre as a sample
just pay the postage ?
thinking about ordering a 2metre piece to make the one jacket and having a play, boil washing heavy ironing and seeing what it does, I dont trust the feel of a fabric untill it has been washed as i got caught out with a binding agent on some skirt cotton years ago, ended up with a nice big duster tho
polycotton drill is your best option IMO.

used load of it over the years and it's usually good.