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Jan 26, 2009
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Well as you can all see i have started the hive building i have 28 supers to build and 5 deep brood boxs and five standard nucs to machine , as usual i have made an allowance for the spring weather and completly covered the whole of my back garden with one tarp. privelges of living in a rabbit hutch it dont that long to do this sort of thing. i love to play with the odd bit of wood but when you have the single item to cut 56 times it does do my head in, thank heaven i dont have to work with hivemaker, but the plan is today fridat template and jigs and squaring up two sides, saturday to cut all pieces to size ready for sunday the great nail and glue day and monday dulux loads of it.View attachment 500 the most impressive bit is that every single piece of ply came from work on the back of my push bike four pieces at a time View attachment 501
Would love to see your progress and finished items pics.
Good luck, I hope the weather holds out for you.

thanks dave but with the tarp the weather is not a problem its why i did cover up but at end of play today onsaturday we have three nucs ready for painting, for 12 x 14 brood boxes ready to go and 14 supers almost ready for sanding and painting, tommorow i have some wbc hives to make and lots of bits ie. roofs cover boards frame feeders a couple of brother adam feeders a swarm dumy hive box, so still lots to do over next two days ,

when i said i was robbed and stripped they stole every thing i had evan the spare frames i was scrapping
Excellent recycling project Pete, your WBC looks great, well done!
It is a job i dont mind doing as long as its only once a year, i spend months collecting wood at work and rough cutting it to shape and cycling it home past all the security gaurds at work lol. and when i have enough i sort a weekend out to machine the lot and nail it into shape. i was very disapointed tho there was susposed to be six of us and it ended up as two with the newbe turning up late on sunday morning when my friend and i had been doing the prep work from thursday night and getting our tools there. At the end of the day we have made all our boxes and equipment with my sewing machine being attacked as well as the wood tools, so if you want to go for it then do it , do mither about it afterwards tho and complain as someone did last night, he is still looking for hes ear after i bite it off
hehe reminds me of a guy who worked in the dockyard near me. Once a week he would leave the yard with a wheelbarrow full of sand and an authorisation ticket to take the sand. It was six months before they realised he was stealing wheelbarrows. :D
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