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Mar 21, 2009
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Hi All,
I only have one working hive with our first bees from summer last year, and was wondering when drones will be produced to make increases.

Neil :cheers2:
Imminently many will hope!

There are already many reports of swarms, queen cells and supercedure.

Lets hope they (the bees) know what they are doing and have not read one of the many beekeeping books avalible!:toetap05:
I have a load of drones - and they seem bigger than last year.
My only problem is I stupidly put the old brood above the queen ex as the queen was on the new frames. (Bailey ex) Now I have to go into the hives every 2 days to allow the drones to get out:svengo:. Dont want to change again as drone on both boxes
Live and learn- but do we :iamwithstupid:
Hi Neil
i think its going to depend on your position geographically, as Heather says on the south coast our hives are full of them currently, you may be a few weeks behind.

You should see the drone brood on your frames.
On the subject of drones.

I have no bees yet, but have been watching to see what honey bees may already make it to my garden.

And all I've seen are bumbles and drones!

So why are there drones here but no workers? Do drones travel further? They were lurking around my redcurrant bush and resting on the leaves. The first I saw was decidedly groggy but the later two were more active.

Any ideas?
I think you are seeing small bumbles as drones do not forage.

Flower fly in pic.
Only 2 wings, not 2+2

Ah! Better count the wings next time....

These "insects" weren't actually foraging (the bumbles I saw were) but seemed to be sunning themselves on the leaves and having the odd fly round and then back to rest.

I guess they could have been flies...... will check next time.

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