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House Bee
Dec 8, 2008
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i have noticed that although i seem to be catching every damn winter bug out there atm, i havent missed a single milking shift. I adore milking and in fact all the work i do up on the farm, so im wondering whether my body is recovering because i enjoy the work or because it is a necessity that the girls get milked and noone else will do it.

noted that frisbee commented that she was only ill on her days off and wondered if thats the same thing.
I think its because you work so hard.

I remember years ago when the children were younger I would often work 3 months without a day off.

Then as soon as I had a couple of days break I would get every bug going.
good point...also i think the fact that the kids are so young, mine are 5, 2 and 7 months...that any time out of the house is calmer and quieter....even in the parlour. so the incentive to get back to work however rough you feel is high. I do seem to live in a world of poo atm. Ho Hum.:ack2:
I go along with that - worked a 50-60hr week and whenever I had a weekend off - immediately went down with migraine. Why dont we listen to our bodies!:banghead:

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