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Mar 9, 2009
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WBC/Smith/National/nucs in Horsham, West Sussex.
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Can someone please explain how to use Certan and is it any good?. All the Thornes site says is "In 120ml. plastic bottles, enough for 120 frames. It is the only biological larvaecide available for the control of wax moths. It will not harm you, your bees, your wax or honey." It does not say about application. Thanks.
The instructions are on the bottle. You mix it 20:1 with water and spray it on. According to the instructions 10ml of the stuff mixed with 200 ml of water is enough for about 10 National Super frames. I've had a bottle for a couple of years and haven't used it yet but I understand it is effective and being biological should not harm the wax
bottle I've use was produced in 2008 and use by 2011 - that said I sprayed my frames again with it last autumn and it worked very well - it seems to dessicate any larvae - I also freeze all frames for 48 hrs before storing. I've only a few hives - not really practical for those with hundreds of frames to treat and your wrist does ache after spraying 3 box fulls of comb with a hand sprayer!
I've found that it does not work. And maybe mixing it with chlorinated tap water kills the bacteria.

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