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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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12 and 18 Nucs
Arrived safely in the post this morning having been ordered on Tuesday.

They only had two in stock so I took them as I was not keen to wait until the 27th for the next delivery.

So my progress back to AMM has started.

Do they look good PH ?

What was the price/are they from Greece ?
Did they come with an introduction cage PH.....and what's your preferred method of introduction?
They are in the travel cage and no I am not taking them out for pics for you voyeurs out there.

The queen is marked green, and I will try for pics when I separate out the queens from the workers for introduction.

I like a candy plugged slow release cage. I find paper to be too fast.

I will report on performance.

From Greece yes and £37-50 I think for the two.

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I rather thought so. I may take a vid of the procedure.

Nice one PH :).....I'm very pleased with the three that I got off him, they've settled down well and are now surrounded by their offspring. As soon as I can be sure they are all Amm will be intresting to see what the wing morphometry is like. I've already taken a few larvea off one of them and have 4 QC's sitting in apideas as I speak :cheers2:

Hope they start getting us back on the right track eh?
Well yes to a point I would be happier if I knew what the antecedents were to start with.

I am still trying to get hold of some good Scottish AMM.

Well yes to a point I would be happier if I knew what the antecedents were to start with.

I am still trying to get hold of some good Scottish AMM.


True enough, but beats waiting for Bibba to sort itself out for the time being!! ;)

If you find any Native Amm, let me know...I'd be VERY interested in them myself
Am I right in Thinking that Roger Patterson is the BIBBA rep for the BBKA ?
Does he not have AMM in Sussex ?
I think he works with local mongrels, probably "native type" and selects for the characteristics he wants.
I have never heard him claim to be working with AMM.

we have purchased mated queens from Bickerstaffes ie Buckfast x Cecropia cross they are very pleasent to handle and very good honey collectors also very good on winter feed we are well pleased and nice people to do bussiness with.
Yes Colin but we are discussing AMM really.

As for BIBBA I am not so sure most of them have ever seen AMM.

So as is typical of the BBKA they have a rep that has read a book on the subject.

I think the time is fast approaching that members of this forum are going to start demanding we form our own association.
Why do you think I was investigating insurance?

NFU said no by the way, and as far as I can see it's the only stumbling block.
PH,only this morning I recieved an Email from one of our members who seems to be steaming ahead with getting something organised for us regards insurance.

I will bring everyone up to speed once he has completed his research.
I wish you all the luck with your newly aquired Amm. So now you will be able to supply all those that wish to go back in time and keep bees of Amm breeding.

This is a kick the ball not the poster moment.

I have read some rubbish. Lots of rubbish in my time.

I just wish some brains would eat some fish.