Lots of Q cells and Queen present but very few eggs

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May 13, 2019
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Can someone give me a bit of guidance regarding this. The hive is on DB with 3 supers ,two almost capped and 1 busy.last week i took 2 capped supers off this hive also.They are making Q/S cells and almost all of them on the side of the frames and not the bottom of the frame and have been doing so for last few days when i have been checking them.
Today i found the Q and just a few eggs in the frame she was on and only a cple frames of caped brood. With my limited experience it looks like they are trying to superceede her . If this is correct i have a spare Laying Q in a nuc with several frames of CB that was a postal Q from last year . I destroyed all the Q cells today and am now deliberating what to do next. If i unite the nuc with the Q and CB will they accept her and if i do unite what would be the best method.
Thank you .
A large number of Queen cells is usually swarming not supersedure.
Even if it seems like supersedure in a strong colony at this time of year I would treat it is as swarming.
Though you mentioned there is only a couple of frames of capped brood.
Uniting a strong nuc with a colony trying to swarm is likely going to result in hive continuing to swarm.
I would use whatever swarm management you prefer, and continue to manage the Queen right nuc for whatever purpose you had in mind for it previously.
I will treat it as swarming mode then. I have a spare empty nuc i will use that.Thank You
found the Q and just a few eggs in the frame she was on and only a cple frames of caped brood
Is the minimal laying a consequence of limited comb space in which to lay, or because you reckon she's failing?

No matter the intent, they will likely swarm; you might nuc the resident queen, allow them to make QCs, leave them one (check again 7 days after leaving 1) and leave them to re-queen. In the meantime, given the blackberry flow and their current industry, they will continue to make honey, freed from the job of brood raising.
They /she has three or four frames to use and a couple of foundation frames also and (this is an age thing) i forgot they had 4 supers on and not 3 as i said earlier.Anyway i will go back later and Nuc the queen to be on the safe...ish side . Thank You

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