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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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Beefever is a condition that can also be called obsession.

The first warning sigh is Beeboredom. You are in a conversation and before you know it you find that you have (yet again) swung it around to the girls/bees/hobby. You are a genuine beebore.

Then there is the financial side. You spend a small fortune. You justify it by saying ah but I am investing in the girls and I will make it all back in honey sales. (one year when they dinna swaarm)

Not that I have ever been there... (of course!)

The cure? Time. And more time....................

The subject of last years bee money layout is often talked about in my house.

Whenever my wife or kids want something new they just say "Now how much was it you spent last year on those bees" :toetap05:
You could also add to that winter syndrome i.e you are itching to get on with the hive, breed queens, extract honey make nucs, etc etc etc

But all you have is the forums.
I am ok re financial layout - HWTHSBO has a boat! :toetap05:

Wow you could but the Thornes catalogue then!

I used to have a 21ft dory.

2 best days:

The day i purchased it and the day I stopped tipping money in by selling.
LOL heather

Knowing boats you will be well aware of the need to tie hives together on movingl. ;)

So no one is admitting to being a fellow sufferer Mind you I am cured now.

I might one day tell you how far I actually went...

The nice thing I find lately is that when out in a group I am approached before I even get a chance to start by someone saying to me they are interested in starting up beekeeping.

I read that the egyptions used to have apiaries on boats on the nile.
I have a few people who say they want to keep bees and want to learn and keep asking about the bees because they want to keep them... and then there are my alternative friends who are after hive products to cure illnesses... or who want to talk to my bees. Bee fever for sure

the ancient Egyptians certainly did practice migratory beekeeping on the Nile and more they had markings on the boat to measure the honey take. Just a bit in front of Samuel Plimsol.

Is true what PH says re migratory beekeeping on the Nile.
Egyptians did their beekeeping in clay pots and were the first people to operate migratory beekeeping by putting the clay tubes containing the bees onto barges on the Nile. They would then move the barges up the river every few days allowing for the bees to feed on nectar and collect pollen in different areas as they moved up the river, finally arriving at the markets in Cairo where they would sell the honey!
They would have to move at night or shut them in at night and move during the day....and move more than 3 miles.

That would work.
I was introduced to beekeeping nearly 40 years ago by the village postman who kept a few hives in my dad's orchard. He warned me about bee fever, I can vouch that, like herpes, it lasts forever