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Equipment Wanted Bee mentor wanted near Stroud…

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Oct 6, 2019
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Stroud, Gloucestershire
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Despite many attempts to contact my local BKA I’m not having much luck, so looking for someone that I can ping the occasional message to and who could help out with the occasional inspection.
I’m (and my hive [currently singular!]) 10mins east of Stroud and any advice great fully received!!
Have you asked to join your local association or simply asked for a mentor?
You can always ask here in the same way you have before.
Hopefully though you might be lucky.
A bit far for me Zac but if you want to ask a question privately then feel free to PM me. Just remember you will only get one answer and often it is good to get more than one and make your own decision on which suits your style of beekeeping best.
I know that you are in Gloucester, but Somerset BKA are superb, it may be worth trying them or an adjoining county to see if they are better. Occasionally divisions within a county vary, I know my division are excellent, as well as a county as a whole. My BBKA experience has been very positive, as divisions are often very close to each other, you may find there are other 'refugees' in the 'wrong' division.
Try without.

Mentors may pass on directives or suggestions or techniques that are well-meant but completely bonkers or belong in the past. You may come to rely on such guidance and have to unlearn much of it later on.

Making mistakes is the quickest way to learn and the failures and successes will be yours, not those of someone on the end of a phone.

This fine alternative mentor may be consulted at any time of day or night.
Very often it is just reassurance rather than guidance that is needed😄