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Disease and spore transfer transfer
varroa transfer
drowned bees rotting in syrup
pesticide residue in corn syrup
invert sugar digestability
corn sugar residue

and they wonder why they have ccd

and i expect it is GM corn seed and induce fertilisation by hormon spray
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that just re-inforces my prejudice about large-scale american bee farming!!
Quick question:

How "should" commercial farmers feed bee's in spring?

I can understand the "method" used in this video, but dont agree with it for reasons mentioned in earlier posts.
Each hive should receive its own feed with its own feeder.

No wonder they lose so many bees to disease.
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Hi Craig,

Totally agree with you on that, but 400 hives is a alot of hives to do that for each hive, in terms of prep time, actual time taken to place at each hive and monetary costs involved, and im sure 400 hives is still small is comparision with some commercial farmers.

Im not looking to argue, but more to see what other commercial farmers do to feed their bees, apart from you said Craig.

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