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Agree - new fresh look. Nice misprint in the letters section where discussing winter losses the writer says it helps by insulting hive walls rather than insulating them!! Just loved it!!

I've been using insulting tape for electrical work for years :D

Lynne Ingram's article about Apimondia surely has a typo - about the beekeeper with 2000 hives who produces 60,000 tons of honey. That's 33 tons per hive. I guess she means kilos or something similar they use in Chile. Murray aims for 100 tonnes and he has more than twice as many hives so around 60 tons would be more realistic.
Anyway, it's a bit unfair to just comment on a typo. Lynne's is a good article and she is doing good work. A global Honey Authenticity Alliance has been mooted. I don't know if that could happen but the solution to honey fraud has to be found at a global scale.
I will be interested to see it when I get back from our holiday in Florida….. tried some amazing local honey down in the Keys which came from avocado flowers - very dark and reminiscent of treacle.
I used to work with with a guy who had a polished coprolite on his desk (fossilized dinosaur poo). Whenever shite happened and someone mentioned you couldn't polish a turd, he would point to the fossil
I had an uncle, ex RN Petty Officer and then Royal Marine who did a stint on board the royal yacht Britannia - he knew one of the stewards on board who, on his mantlepiece at home had the Queen's turd, varnished and mounted on a teak plinth flanked on one side by one from Phil the greek and the other by one from Carlo, our current usurper to the throne. in fact you could say a charles the third turd
This thread has taken a somewhat surprising turd
I had one of those yesterday, I blame it on the painkillers I took over the weekend combined with Saturday night's curry
Returning to bbka matters. Has anybody tried registering on the bbkaforum recently? It's been a few days and I still haven't received my activation email. Is this normal or has somebody decided I'm a spam bot?

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