Anyone heard of this place

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I do know Laverstoke, but it's been a long time since I lived in Hampshire and I don't know Park Farm - Produce looks yummy though:)
:cheers2: Mike

PS if you do visit let me know what it's like cos my daughter still lives in Wiltshire and may like to visit, thanks
I know Laverstoke.... it is just before you get to Salisbury. I have been through it many times on my way to Wiltshire, but I can't say I have ever noticed this place, or even signs to it.
Thanks for re-doing the link Veg - not sure what i did there.

Its in Overton, north of Winchester near Whitchurch, its supposed to be very well known.

I personally had not heard of it but then i dont move in "Organic" circles, i have an interview there this wednesday, always wanted to work in the countryside.
Well good luck with the interview lol ask them if they would like to sell your honey :cheers2:
Well they grow their own crops and fruits so it might also be a good place to have some hives.
Its Jody Scheckters place!!!

You'll learn more about bio dynamics than anywhere else in the country. I would be VERY surprised if there are no hives there already.

Good luck.

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