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Dec 14, 2008
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I have a flat roof on a 1st floor extension that is in need of repair (approx 30 years old), but I want to do it as a apex (pitched) roof to blend in with the main house roof.

I am already in the process of filling the forum out "do I need planning permission" to my local council.

I have printed off Part A Building regs 2000 and started reading through.

I have also made enquires about manufactured roof trusses (wood and metal), but I am also considering a cut roof.

I wish to do this work myself :hat: given I am more an a competent DIY'er.

I am after any tips or guidance specially to sizes of joists, battens etc.

Size of roof is approx 4.3 m x 5.9 m (short side against main house as an L shape)

good luck jim;) i have done a fair bit of building but not as a pro. You should be ok with the roof, but its always worth getting some advice first.
Are you looking to add an apex roof up to the level of the existing roof? would this entail a rise of over 2.4m?
BUY A ROOFING SQUARE...bloody expensive for the real thing but more accurate and efficient than a reckoner...where one roof meets another all sorts of fascinating options arise, but the maths gets very complex, Euclid comes in handy.
I have several books you would be more than welcome to borrow pm me if they would help.


I am sure I will be fine, given that the roof is still water tight, and as long as I do not make to many holes in it, the job is less critical to get the roof water tight to avoid damaging the room below.

The difficult bit comes on merging into the old roof.

My advice is coming via forums etc, builders brains I am picking on the pretence of them doing the work, and the local Building regs dept in our council are quite helpfull.

The new APEX will be lower than the current APEX, mainly becuse due to how the tow roofs will meet it would not be possible to be the same height.

I am fine with maths, and have done a CAD drawing of my building plan, and think I have a very sensible solution for the roof joing given a bit of an oddity.

Yes a framing square looks a good purchase for a cut roof. I asuume this will be cheaper than a pre built truss system???

You have PM anyway.

I have had a cost from a local specailist roof truss manufacturer of ~?300 for all the roof trusses I need including as a hip end, ready made to size to drop in place.

I dont think I could buy the wood alone that cheap!!!

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