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Very interesting good find Brosville.

I think the chapter on Dowsing (for the crossing points of energy lines to site beehive on) might raise a few eyebrows at the BBKA dinner and dance and I'm not sure it would work in our energy soaked urban enviroment but interesting all the same. Time to raid the wardrobe for old metal cloths hanger and give it a try.....


Note to self - Wait till the thunder storm has gone before going out with two bits of metal in your hands...
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I think I'm "getting it" (very slowly) - it's essentially like a very tall Warre hive with a thumping great brood box at the bottom (2' deep), above which is the sacrosanct "bees honey store", and above that, the equivalent of "supers".
His theory is that they need the tall brood box to allow a "football-sized" brood - it is then of optimum size, and they produce oodles of honey.......(I think!)
As it's another top bar design, you harvest by running a cheese wire between the upper "supers"........
I'm finding it fascinating, and wonder if it'd work in the UK.....:coolgleamA:
I reckon you should try one out Brosville.

I would be very interested to see how it worked in this country.

Seems very much like a warre but bigger.
Could not make out what was on the site.
Done even the other vids were quite good,
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I reckon you should try one out Brosville.

From what I read last night, very quickly I must admit, these are being used with the Africanised bees over there. Don't think anyone whould be happy if you started importing these bu**ers!!