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Jun 15, 2023
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I've noticed at least a couple of references in the Forum here to using 'Air Freshener' when uniting colonies.

This is a method I've not heard before.

My 'guess' is that it's used to mask the differing hive and bee scents - but I don't want to jump to any wrong conclusions.

I wonder if somebody could explain - the theory, putting it into practice, preferences, pitfalls, etc. etc.

Different viewpoints and thoughts from you all could only educate me further.

Very many thanks.

Malcolm B.
It enables you to unite two adjacent colonies in the day when the bees are flying quickly without having to come back in the evening. Kill one queen. Lift one brood box off its floor having taken the crownboard off the colony you’re uniting it with. Quick spray ( a second) on top bars of bottom colony and bottom bars of the other. Plonk box on top, add crownboard and roof and you’re done.
Works very well
I have used it many times. It is so easy . For example a queen less hive. Remove a couple of frames and add a couple with a queen from a nuc . Just a QUICK squirt in the gap before you add the frames.
If I am combining one stroppy hive with a calm one I still go down the paper route but an ordinary combine to reduce hive numbers a quick squirt top and bottom works a treat.
Note, quick squirt and make sure it is not a squirt of anything similar to an alarm pheromone 😁
I’ve taken to using a cheap and nasty deodorant like lynx😂 and it works.
I will if I have a queen cage and some soft candy readily to hand pop the queen in a cage and leave them to it.
Probably not necessary but if it’s to hand and I’ve not lost one with this method.
Thank you for all the replies and information.
It is very interesting to know.
I've seen further references in this Forum to using Air Freshener and I understand it now.
Very many thanks.
Malcolm B.

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