6 swarm cells - eggs but no Royal Jelly...options?

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May 17, 2021
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Perpignan, France
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Ideally 3 to 5.
I'm in a bit of an awkward situation and could do with some advice. Very early this Wednesday morning (10th April) I leave for 10 days and so I did a thorough inspection today. It's a fairly packed hive on 9.5 frames of brood (Dadant) with 1 super around 70% full (I'm in France). I found 6 or 7 charged queen cells, one had maybe a pinprick of royal jelly with it, the other just the egg & no jelly.

Bearing in mind I go away for 10 days with nobody who can monitor them for me, what are my options here? My initial thought is to take out 3 brood frames and replace with foundation and then keep my fingers crossed that they're still there on my return?!
Thanks for that Steve. Do you think removing 3 frames is enough, or should I go for more?
take out 3 brood frames
What would you do with them? Shame to waste.

I would split vertically: Q on her frame in the bottom box + flyers, QCs and the rest above a split board; sort out when you return. If you weaken the brood and it isn't enough, a swarm will go before you return on day 10.
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