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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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Just seen this in the garden on the window,any idea what it is ?
I'd say some sort of Horse Fly by the looks of it??
That was my first thought,I think it is one of the fly family but is about 4 times bigger than the normal horsefly and has a very yellow back.
Saw one sitting on a hive yesterday :confused:.
Quite big ,a couple of mins later it was sitting on a neighbouring hive .
I am still puzzled :).

John Wikinson
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Looks remarkably like the thing that bit me the other day(itched like mad). Do you have a photo of a squashed one?
I think it's a *taon* which my dictionary translates as horsefly/gadfly.
Looks like one of the blighters that regularly has a go at horses ... and humans, given half a chance. Plenty of them around here.
The problem with those things is that their habitats and feeding places are very unsterile, which if you are bitten/stung can lead very quickly to a huge secondary infection. Take medical advice quickly if necessary.
JC Brum,perhaps you need to take a wash more often,lol.
Well maybe, but they stick their probocis thingies in piles of poo, according to my GP, and then attack humans.

It was 20 yrs ago now but I had to have im antibiotics and HUGE steroid injections. v painful.
The one I saw was the biggest horse fly I've ever seen:).
I watched it for a while (mustn't have been a female on point of lay because it didn't show any interest in me or the horses in the adjacent fields) . Just sat there rubbing its fore legs together :).

John Wilkinson
I had one of these in my garden yesterday! Not many horses round here.

Could it be a hoverfly they come in a range of sizes and colours, their larvae eat greenfly
Looks like a double glazing salesfly to me, checking out your windows... :piggy: