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Whats the going rate for a full colony

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Mar 19, 2009
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Hi, as the title, whats the going rate for a strong full colony in a national hive, im going to an auction this weekend, and there are some for sale. wondered what i should expect to pay????
As in all auctions they will go for as much as people will pay. Going on the average price of a nuc at say £110 a full colony in a national hive will probably go £200+
I was going to say ?230 so I am in between the other two posters,that should give you a ball park figure ?200-?250
At Lincolnshire bka's recent auction colonies went from between 50 quid (small and surprisingly on a deep when a nuc hive would have made more sense) to 250. However, the majority were from one breeder of very good bees and his were first off. Nothing less than 170. One chap from round my way had 3 in and none made more than 100 quid.
If you can check out the breeders reputation as this could make all the difference.
No doubt prices for old woodwork will be as crazy as ever. 28 quid for a BS deep that was falling apart!!!!

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