What do you collect swarms in?

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Dec 4, 2008
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I'm interested to hear what variety of containers are used for swarm collection. So far else where on the forum I've seen Skeps and cardboard boxes.
My first bees were delivered (by rail!)in a temporary 6 frame nuc box made of thin 3 ply with frame rests nailed to it but with a mesh lid for ventilation. A small entrance sealed with a strip of tin. It makes a perfect swarm collection box as it is light well ventilated and can be left with the entrance open to collect the stragglers then closed up for transportation. Any other exotic containers?
I will take some pics tomorow of my collapsible plastic swarm boxes with built in feeders.
many years ago when the weather was a lot better than nowadays we always used the little brown apidea queen mating box’s we could go to the mating yard and find 20/30 small cast of bees in the hedge we soon ran out of mating box’s, we had the site next to a market gardener so i nipped over the hedge for some old red clay flower pots sniped a hole in the rim put the bees in um turned um upside down they lasted us right though the season.
All the best mike
Many years ago I kept bees for a while in non-standard hives of my own design (big mistake - always stick to readily-available standard kit these days!), but I still have two lightweight plywood travelling nuc boxes from that experiment, and they make excellent swarm boxes. The closable entrance is a real boon, just as MJBee describes.

So far, I've only collected swarms in 5 frame nucs or cardboard boxes. Next year I intend to try out a large old skep that I've recently acquired.


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