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Dec 7, 2008
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Newick, East Sussex
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My son works in viral marketing
he normally pooh-poohs my worries re hoax virus threats.
He has warned me not to use Internet Explorer to access web sites as it is vulnerable to attack temporarily. They are trying to patch.

A leak in IE (5,6,7& 8) on windows XP allows the bad guys to install
any (very likely nasty) software on your pc without your notice
if you visit websites.
There is no security update provided by MS yet.

Always check on http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/virus.asp

Just to let you know of a worry in the IT world
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Now confirmed on news today - Microsoft Internet Explorer has a vulnerability to being invaded by criminal agencies. Trying to close hole - if you use that web browser you are AT RISK.
Change to another to be safe
Thanks Heather.

Am using Firefox today.
I have just wipped my PC and starting again from scatch, so I am intrested in the Firefox option.

Will it work just the same as IE?
far BETTER in all respects - much faster and "cleaner" in use - used it for years!
(won't have Windoze or Internet Explorer in the house!)
Thank. Do I just un-install my IE? And then add Firefox?

Not sure about getting rid of windows! I think I will start off with the FF.

I use acronis to creat a back-up immage on my 250GB usb drive, so I now have a clean image of just the basic apps.
don't panic, all is easily accomplished without ANY deletings or radical moves at all - just go here - http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/
-and download the version for Windoze, when it's downloaded, just use the installer like any other Windoze programme. During setup it'll even import all your bookmarks from Internet Explorer if you want it to. There is no need to uninstall Internet Explorer, they can happily co-exist. I'd be tempted to tick the "make Firefox the default browser" during setup. That's got you safely back on the net!

Then if you want a nice safe way to try Linux (again without stripping Windoze off the harddrive) - use Wubi - http://wubi-installer.org/ - it will install Ubuntu on your hard drive alongside Windoze using a very simple system, giving you a choice of Windoze or Ubuntu when you boot up. If you don't like it, you can remove it like any other Windoze programme you don't want. I used that route nearly 18 months ago, and have very seldom used Windoze since........hope that helps
you'll find the Firefox install a total doddle -the wubi/ubuntu install is no more complicated, but it does take awhile - once you've downloaded "Wubi", and fired it up, your computer has to download 700mb, and then spend several minutes "compiling", so it's not as quick.......:)
I add this warning to the siren song of Linux.... not everything on your puter that works with Windows will necessarily work with Linux esp if your machine is relatively new.

I have dipped a very quick toe into it a few times and given up on it as it just plain didn't work for me and I do not have the time to spend hours geeking on forums to make it go.

Which is why I'm a keen proponent of "Wubi" - it enables people to "try it", and if they have problems, they can uninstall it as easily as any Windoze programme.
I have friends who have had problems with it, some who've had none, it really does seem to be "luck of the draw".
Personally I reckon it's worth persevering with - the speed increase over Windoze is utterly remarkable, as is the increase in security - add to that the fact that there is some really good software available for free, and it's not Microsoft, what's not to like?:)
I am now using Firefox. I little different visualy to IE, but I will get used to it.

Seams to be a bit faster!
Have just downloaded firefox and it is a hell of a lot quicker loading websites than explorer
Really pleased for you! - I'm a fan, and have always reckoned it's somehow "smoother", and certainly faster!:)
The little search box is very useful, as are "tabs" (which are now in IE, but first appeared in Firefox). If you've never used "tabs" - next time you want another window, go "File - New Tab" - you'll see what I mean!:)
After a fortnight of using it, you'll try Windoze again and be firmly convinced there's something desperately wrong with the computer because everything takes soooooo long in Windoze in comparison..............:)
I'm using an aged ex-corporate Dell laptop that I was getting close to ditching 18 months ago because it was sooooo slow running XP, I bunged Ubuntu on it using Wubi, and I reckon there's probably still another 3 years left in it!:)
Hi Brosville,

Have just loaded Firefox and all I can say is THANK YOU.

Good innit!:)
Welcome to the wonderful world of free, open-source software!:cheers2:
Brosville Hi,

Nope cant get to grips with FF
I kept losing my tabs and could not keep my home page for some reason.

Anyway thanks for the tip

Like everything it may take a little while to get used to it. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "losing" tabs - if you've opened "tabs" there are tabs at the top of the page - just click on them and the relevant page opens, if you've opened pages, there's a minimised version available from the bottom of the page.
To set your homepage just go to "Edit- Preferences - Main" and follow your nose!:)

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