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Tom Bick

Hi all

I have I think a simple question a friends hive swarmed three weeks ago and he left one queen cell to re queen the worry is its now being three weeks and after the first check no sign of eggs so he is thinking perhaps the queen didn’t make it or as I think give it one more week as the bees seem calm and quite happy.

The other thing that I have suggested is to drop in a frame of brood and eggs from one of my hives and see if they make queen cells the problem is from my hives to his hive this will be say one hour can the brood and eggs survive this or do I transport the frame with eggs and nurse bees spraying them with syrup before placing the frame in the hive the syrup I understand helps to prevent fighting

Any advice will be appreciated
Not a problem. wrap the test frame in a warm damp towel and after all all you need is one grub of the right age to survive so the odds are seriously in your favour.

I moved a frame over four hours this way and grafted from it successfully.

Thanks for that great advice will try that this weekend
Good post Tom
I was wondering about this the other day. sorted.

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