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Aug 1, 2009
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Haywards Heath, Sussex
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I got this email today. hope it helps someone...

Dear Beekeeper

Sale Days are here again!

After many weeks of hard work supplying orders over the beekeeping season, we are at last in a position to announce dates for our 2010 Open Day, Sales Days and Winter Sale.

The first one will be the Sale Day at our Windsor branch - Saturday 9th October.

Then the Sale Day at our Stockbridge branch - Saturday 23rd October

This will be followed by the Wragby Open Day on Saturday 20th November. It will be at our new premises at Rand - now renamed as the Beehive Business Park, Rand, Nr. Wragby, LN8 5NJ

Finally, our online mail order Winter Sale will start on Monday 29th November.

Keep an eye on our website and the beekeeping press for further details.

Just a note about our new premises. Thank you to so many of our customers for their good wishes on our exciting project to move our factory after almost 100 years on the same site. The builders are now knocking down internal walls to make the shop and despatch area and the dust extraction system will start to be installed in a couple of weeks. Then we will start to move, department by department, as quickly as practical. But, for the moment, we are still at Wragby.

Gill Smith

E.H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd, Beehive Works, Wragby, Market Rasen, LN8 5LA

Tel 01673 858555 [email protected]
Not got one yet!

Winter Sale will start on Monday 29th November

A month early! Presumably to allow all to take advantage of the reduced (or rather not yet increased VAT rate) and to help them with their move to new the premises.

Regards, RAB
Thornes winter Sale 29th November

i must be way down the list of clients as i only got my email today

29 November, for their winter sale , i assume its early due to the VAT changes coming in on the first Jan

i know some firms ran foul of the customs & excise on pre orders, maybe what caused them to bring the sale forward by one month

I will have to save up the pennies as no Xmas pressy fund
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is there much discount to be had from the winter sales?

I will be in need of quite a lot of frames / foundation next year and was wondering whether this would be the place to source them?
is there much discount to be had from the winter sales?

I will be in need of quite a lot of frames / foundation next year and was wondering whether this would be the place to source them?

i expect there will be a few extra this year you know "dented left hand threaded extractors" and other bits they dont want in the new factory but here are last years prices
Frames - in 50's - second quality which means a few small knots, maybe a bit of discolouration or small spilt but perfectly serviceable.
DN1 or SN1 25.00
DN4 or SN4 30.50
DN5 or SN5 35.00
BS. Manley 35.00
14" x 12" 40.00
16" x 10" 35.00
Langstroth Manley 35.00
Dadant Shallow 35.00
Cedar Hive Parts in the flat - in utility grade cedar which also means a few small live knots, maybe a bit of discolouration or small split but perfectly serviceable.
National Open Mesh Floor 13.50
National Roof 19.00
National Brood Body 18.50 each 10 for 172.00
National Super 13.50 each 10 for 125.00
National Crownboard with two escapes 8.00
National 14" x 12" Brood Body 28.00
We also have
Langstroth, Dadant or WBC Plastic Excluder 2.50
Open Mesh Helmet 7.00
2 Frame Plastic Extractor 100.00
100 Narrow Plastic Ends 3.00
Beekeepers perch 1.00
Hive Tool 6.00
Galvanised Mesh, 12" square 50p
Mixed Coloured Candle Sheets, pack 10, mainly dark colours with some missing corners, small splits 3.50
Frame Cleaner 2.00
20 Plastic Porter Bee Escapes 10.00
Corner Support, pack 4 50p
Bee Brush 2.50
Frame Nail Hammer 1.75
500g 3/4" Frame Nails 3.00
Stainless Steel Valve 20.00
Uncapping Fork 2.50
And Wired Beeswax Foundation (usual quality) at discounted prices.

Orders over £100.00 are carriage paid within the UK

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