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Nov 7, 2008
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Anyone got an information sheet that I could post up in the allotment about swarming please? They keep asking. I need to explain what a swarm is, and what they should do.

Hi Karen,

is this one of any use, it is one from the BBKA,


Thanks thebhoy. I like it but it is long isn't it. The allotment holders will need something shorter - they won't bother to read all of that. That leaflet makes me realise that probably it would be helpful to have a picture of a swarm on my information sheet, otherwise plot holders might be ringing me up all the time to move bumble bee and wasps nests!

Anyone got a shorter one...otherwise I might have to have a go at writing one, or at least editing this one.

Swarming is an entirely natural impulse of bees, once in a while, especially during the "season" (April-Aug) the queen may leave with several thousands of her cohorts looking for a new home, and will usually collect like a buzzing football in a tree or bush.
What to do? Firstly, don't panic! Swarming bees are at their most docile, they fill themselves full of honey before leaving, so they're rather like us after a hefty Christmas dinner, and their main concern is looking after the queen, who will be somewhere in the middle.
Leave them well alone, and call one of us immediately - (telephone numbers), and we'll come along and rehome them - as long as you leave them well alone, it is very unlikely that you will get stung.
Thanks for your co-operation - any swarm spotters are traditionally rewarded with honey and profuse thanks!
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I've got a poster I made up which I use at our apiary - I've tidied it up a bit - just change the contact info and it might be what you need :)

Swarm Info Poster