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Jan 20, 2010
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It's my first post here.....:)

I'm fresh new beekeeper from Israel with two hives almost three month.
I have a question that relate to bees behavior:

Since the start i inspected them 6 times already, and both the bees and me was very relax and they stung me just four times in my bare hands this period and just few of them was chasing me after i left stop inspecting.

Last monday, there was a flood and my hive entrence was blocked for 18 hours with erode, most of it is mud. when i realesed them and clean up the mess inside the hive, they were very very nervous and stung me 12 times, chasing me with no mercy after i finished and it seems to me like normal behavior after getting out from prison :(

Yesterday (friday) i came to do another inspection and the same behavior again - very very nervous bees that immediately stung me 10 times, with my suit and veil, geetting into few holes in my shooes and in my hands.

Is it normal ? can they be nervous for few days or is it the stings smell on my body?

Thank you

It may not be surprising they are upset. Blocked in, hive almost turned upside down (the cleaning process). Possibly limited foraging since, etc etc. Bee stings on your bee suit will still be giving off alarm pheromone. You may have lost your queen?

The behaviour is fairly typical of 'end of flow' syndrome when there are too many bees at home (not foraging) and a large brood rapidly using the stores.

Seems like you need another layer of protection for the next inspections, as well as something to mask the stings still in the suit (or wash it), and to seal up anywhere they can get inside!

Regards, RAB
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It is normal that they protect their hive but do you use smoke?

If they attack against smoke, that is not normal .
Hi again
My queens are o.k., i saw one of them and eggs in the hives.

I do use smoke on the hive and entrance, even on my hand, mabey this will
keep them more relax, with no success - still very angree at me.

I will wash my suite and use gloves that i realy don't like to work with
because it make me clumsy and things took much more time.

What about my previous stings - Is the the alarm pheromone stay on my body for some days also and attract them?

Best Regards,