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Jan 26, 2009
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As my ladies are now finaly getting thier heads down for a kip. I have started to think about the spring, This lead to a phone call over the weekend that my old supplier of LOW FAT SOYA FLOUR has gone bust. where do you , If you do , buy it from and how much?

but dont say bako as they dont and holland and barrett only sells full fat. so where do i go next
Please excuse a silly question - but what do you use soya flour for? Surely you're not cooking up some cakes for your girls' birthdays?
I found a heath food shop in Loughborough who sold defatted soya flour.

Ermm... just a tad ahead of yourself here LOL???

Does it have that short of a shelf life?

Would they really want a customer like Pete? - he seems to have a certain influence...

I think there is a little shop up in Aberdeen, or was it Inverness, that takes 'cash only'.

Regards, RAB
Please excuse a silly question - but what do you use soya flour for? Surely you're not cooking up some cakes for your girls' birthdays?

Soya flour is one of the ingredients in pollen patty, to use as a spring boost for brood rearing, in case the weather is too cold or it's too early in the season for natural pollen.

Full fat is okay, but you don't need to add the oil or add less.

Who mentioned a sell by date?..........Full fat will have a shorter shelf life.

Over the last 3 seasons I've used full fat soya, brewers yeast and milk powder all mixed with " shredded dates" and sugar syrup.

The bees seem keen on it and it makes me feel better having some direct involvement in February each year. Don't really know if it achieves anything over not putting patties on?

the reason i am so forward of my self is my ability to do something other than flippin christmas, bah and humbug. Secondly I am looking to purchase enough to feed 165 hives and nucs some nucs getting an allowence of 2kg next year others nearer 5kg so as you can see the whole load is a bit big, we have a pair of massive cheast freezers we have pluged in at a friends back garden shed and christmas is the only time the three people involved with the 165 boxs will have a chance to gather , manafacture and get very slaughtered, all weekend after humbug are booked butchering wood work as there is a need for a couple of frames and one or two supers and brood boxes, plus family and other items for the weekends are also booked,

Bobandbec thanks for the ideas , but i am only looking for a supply of LOW FAT SOYA FLOUR not full fat, the milk powder and honey and pollen grains are sorted so is the several packs of brewers yeast, we are using last years suppliers unless someone knows a better one, but its the soya thats stumping me i cant find any one that does any in big bags
:xmas-smiley-016: What are the various recipes for pollen patties that folks on here use? I would rather make my own stuff for my ladies than buy ready made stuff in that you cannot guarantee the contents. :xmas-smiley-013:
If the crocus are massing in March and the weather good enough for them to collect- isnt that good enough for early laying- would you want them to start before there is SOME warmth in the ground/air.
I am lucky enough (foresight maybe) to be surrounded by a few thousand yellow crocus that birds ignore and bees use. In that scenario would you still use pollen pattie

Oh - and HP - Happy Christmas:xmas-smiley-016:
happy humbug heather,XXX

stop talking mixs and recipes what we are talkig about is pete getting hold of a load of low fat soya flour flower so i can go off and get completly ratted over humbug, so to all the makers of home made patties where do do you buy it from??

some one asked why low fat compared to normal soya?
Its pete's personal favorite I was told years ago when I was first taught how to do pollen adatives that the normal of higher fat soya flower is hard for the bees digestive system, i want from the soya the protiens not fat contents. since i have never seen a good recipe that uses full soya i want defatted or low fat.

All I can find on the internet is a products factory in poland and I ant going there this side of humbug
Heather et all.

IF the weather is bonny and the sun is out and the frost is past and all is wonderful in the apiary then yes PP is a waste of time really. (Even though iwth pollen pouring in on the OSR my girls munch away at it)

HOWEVER if the great British weather holds true then it is not such a bad idea to have an in house pollen source and light syrup on the hives as it gives them a morale boost, it gives them a pollen source and also a water source too.

I will not now ever stop feeding PP in Spring.

Next time I am in Loughborough I will ask about de fatted soya flour Pete but I would also try health food shop wholesalers.

I bought mine via my local health food soya flour, 18% fat,5kg bags......the company that sells this is queenswood natural foods tel 01278423440....they also deliver.

PS organic certification uk5 product of Austria.
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Careful with this stuff though,may need special lab conditions to apply,bit like oxalic,frogman suit and all that.
From wiki. Carcinogen

Raw soy flour is known to cause pancreatic cancer in rats.[69] However, studies suggest heated soy flour is not carcinogenic in fat rats.[70][71] Whether soy might promote pancreatic cancer in humans is unknown because studies have not yet attempted to single out soy intake and the incidence of pancreatic cancer in humans. The doses of soy used to induce pancreatic cancer in rats are said to be larger than humans would normally consume. In the meantime, several epidemiologic studies have found a protective effect against pancreatic cancer in high consumers of soy and other foods typical of the traditional Japanese and modern Seventh Day Adventist diet.[72]

Existing cancer patients have been advised by the Cancer Council of New South Wales, Australia to avoid high consumption of soy foods and supplements because of conflicting evidence these may accelerate the growth of hormone-dependent tumours. "While they [soy foods] may have a protective effect, there is also some evidence that phyto-oestrogens may stimulate the growth of existing hormone-dependent cancers," according to a 2007 statement by the council. [73]
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