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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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12 and 18 Nucs
Well it was all very disappointing here today.

Starting about 1pm there were around 40 odd bees sniffing around my bait hive.

So to take advantage I diluted some heather honey and part filled the frame feeder.

Then the weather got involved and it got progressively cooler and until three or so the numbers waxed and waned until just a bit later it cooled a fair bit and the activity ceased.

Scouts for a swarm? Tomorrow will be interesting.

I had the same, for about 2 days, and then at about 10 am they cleared off.

Only for me to spot them almost at the as big Ben struck 11:00 across the road in the neighbour’s pear tree.

At first I tried to scoop them down into a box, but they (the queen) had found a hole in the tree.

So I took the brave step to smoke them out. They all took flight and where flying low to the ground near a tree.

I repositioned my bait hive in the middle of the swarming cluster and they all gather around it and when it.

The easiest swarm I have caught.

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