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queen rearing

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May 13, 2009
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i am looking for queen rearing equipment, mini nucs that sort of thing can any one help
They can be bought from any local supplier- time to start your Xmas list:)

I have also adapted a brood box to be 2- 5 frame Nucs, ready for next years attempt at queen breeding.

Just a note- in the tiny nucs you need a full mug full of bees, in a 5 frame you need 3 frames bees or they wont get cracking on queen rearing
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We have a member on the forum who sells just Queen rearing kit.
Its a bit embarrassing that I have forgotten his username because I purchased some kit off him a couple of months ago..

Help me out someone.
I would help you anytime Admin.....its Marcros.
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I think the shop is called buzzy bee shop type it into google
Gandalfwhitewizard and Widdershins (forum members) do. I greatly enjoyed a day of their wonderful hospitality with polyanwood and Frisbee, and allotmentpete.

There's a thread about it irrc.
If I remember correctly. (IIRC I think he meant)