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thurrock bees

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Aug 1, 2009
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Haywards Heath, Sussex
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:iamwithstupid:hi all im new to this forum, ive been beekeeping for 2 years and currently have 15 hives, in farmland miles from where i live,
When i have someone wanting to see in a hive or buy bees from me i move them to my allotment near my house and keeping my location, secert from all but me and the landowners which beneifit from my bees.

For those who dont have that luck, then do as i do? ive placed one hive that house very nasty bees at the entance to my apairy, that way if someone was to scout my location they are likely to be stung, and ive place a sign about 200 yards away telling people to 'keep out danger'.

ive placed one hive that house very nasty bees at the entance to my apairy,

Aren't you concerned that those very nasty traits may be transferd to your other colonies by mating ?
Looking at this thread can I suggest Firefox?

It has a nice spell checker.

thurrock bees , i have posted several videos and notes on security, here is just a few more pointers that i have set up myself, are we sitting comfortably then i will begin!!

after many conversations with many people on this forum and a few who arnt i have a complete security system running at two of the three out apairies i am running as part of a group of three beeks, the third is local to someone and has a differant system, i will only roughly describe what i have for securtiy reasons but the ideas are there for people to run with if they want,

each site is at the far end of a field so a quick grab and run is not posible, each stand is made from concrete using concrete blocks and paving slabs with each hive set as a pair and screwed to the concrete,as so are the brood boxes
now for the techno stuff

at each site there is a solar panel suppling power to a pentium one computer these computers also have a drongle pluged into it as well as six cameras four are hard wired two are wireless with solar panel rechargers one camera runs the lane and the others are all set over several areas of cover and lastly there is a set ( many ) of micro wave and infer red beams surrounding the perimiter al camers are motion sensitive as are also tripped by the security beams , so far we have had over several months use many lovely photographs of so***G pigeons landing on rooves but no deer we have tried several times to get around it but have failed and evan if you did we would still have car registration plate details and photos of mug shots, cost wise each site cost £500 to set up with the cameras comming from fleabay at £5 each wires were pinched sorry collected from work mainly cat 5 cable( longest length and easyest to get hold of) computer are £50 each one set of mouse , keyboard and screen, they most costly part is the container each set is housed in , each container was £100 and know i wont say what it is because you will know where to look, but lastly each system can be accessed from my home so a look at anytime of the day is posible
Uou will have to change your name now pete to

Techno hegerow pete:cheers2:
hi pete, yes ive seen all the your videos and i would say your great, but the best one i liked was the black cotton, as it tels you IF you have a problem.

chris aka thurrock bees
Looking at this thread can I suggest Firefox?

It has a nice spell checker.


I thought this was a beekeeping forum.........not a grammer school ??
Does it really matter as long as you can read it ?
I thought this was a beekeeping forum.........not a grammer school ??
Does it really matter as long as you can read it ?

In my case it's more typos that actually not knowing how to spell a word. :eek:

A few weeks back I was surfing around and came across a bee-related site. There was a link to a forum so I had a quick look. There were only a couple of threads/post. Compared to that, this forum is word perfect. It really was a case of spotting the correctly spelt word. Don't ask which one it was cos I didn't take a lot of notice.

We have branded every hive component with our post code in about 3/4 inch high letters, including every frame! The brand burns a few mm into the wood, and I've deliberately branded the supers/brood box in places that would be awkward to get the sander into (i.e. in the corners). I got the branding iron after we were burgled last year - now every tool we have has our post code burnt into it. Hopefully it will make them think.

After the burglary (nothing to do with bees, they wanted my chainsaws....), we have got tooled up with CCTV around the house, and to get to the bees, you have to go past the house. The cameras have IR illuminators that give off a healthy red glow at night - and we have hidden cameras as well with 940nm illuminators that you can't see. The hidden ones are pointing down the lane from the house, and will pick up number plates. No one is walking out of there with a National - they'd need a pickup or similar.

I'd quite like to park a hive of particularly vicious bees at the back of the garage where they broke in. We never go into that bit of the garden, so we'd never be bothered by them.
sorry, slight hyjack to this thread but ..... Disambiguation is the art of deciphering jumbled letters. Decipher could also be a term used.

"Arocdnicg to rsceearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer are in the rghit pcale. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit pobelrm. Tihs is buseace the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe."

aka content more important than seplinlg - thas dam yoosful fer a wez cunry boye like me!:)
Anyone who knows only one way to spell a word, lacks imagination.
sorry but most of my mistakes are because i am rubbish at spelling and have cows udders for fingers and i am more than able to press four buttons at once on a key board you should she some of my text messages, right enough of this spelling lets talk security as we are supposed to.

as i have already stated there are many ways to secure a hive from thieft. i personaly prefere to have a concrete slab to start with with two 225mm hollow concrete bloks sat on top if you drill and put a couple of screws into the slab before filling the hollow blocks with concrete and then whilst it is still wet push a section of threaded bar into the block void to the bottom with say 100mm sticking up out of the concrete this is then the point where the piece of wood for the top bars is bolted to then round over the thread to prevent it having its nuts unscrewed once this lot has gone off screw the hive floor to the timber battons and then screw the brood box to the base in this way you can only remove the frames which is not very quick or easy for a thief, the use of electronics and security cameras i belive are very under rated or used, i have brought several new and many older versions off fleabay for my own use. these are ativated by someone/thing passing through a infered beam and another couple of beam/trip sensors( no i wont say exactly what) anyway the whole lot is worked/controlled via an old computer pentium 2 type for mine personaly these are set up also with a drongle thingy from a mobile phone company we have just changed in the last couple of days to orange which will cost me £5 per month, the drongle is not there to transport pictures to my mobile phone when an alert is happening ... yet

we use the computer link to allow me to survey the sites at any time of day, we are planning a weekly visit to each site for inspections but with the camera system we can inspect the apairy every night if we wish, how many times have we found a hive on its side and wondered how long has that been rolled over? well now i can see it every night and know if or when a car journey is worth it, my apairy site is a distance of 14miles from my house with petrol about to hit £1.20 a litre in the next couple of months these unplanned visits will eat away at the profits where as for £5 per month i am able to make 26 site visits ( 30 days per month minus 4 on site visits) quite a cost saving and piece of mind.

i would also like to point out that the captured pictures are not for police use as i belive the police in the midlands are muppets but at least i will know how has done the damage and can there fore crack the offeneding skull without making a mistake,

as for using angry bees well yes they are usefull but where i live in the city unacceptable realy,

may i suggest ankle snappers again . these are holes dug my game keepers in the middle of pathways about the size of a shoe box , thats it that simple when the grass grows over it again , when a unsuspecting poacher walks alone and falls/trips up you can normaly here there ankle snapping from the fall.
once you start there is no stopping me . now lets talk trip wires

a steel cable from screw fix or someone set around a foot of the ground and across the path is good, but why not a piece of balack thread conected to say a tape recording " why are you here or sod off" etc or connected to a shot gun shell no dont use ammo but a bang dropper set up where it sound like a shotgun but without the pellets. or if you have a norrow path where you start your journy pull something across the path or allow the weeds to grow back and after say 5 foot of rough then mow the path to make it easy to walk along but the best bit of advice is dont tell any one where your bees are
Hi peteinwilts hedgerow pete
Since your email and visit yesterday to collect that gorges Queen.
I have contacted the company by email and hoping for a engineer/rep to come and set me up with a Burglar Intruder Alarm System. SO AS I CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT thanks again.

hedgerow pete the cool room is nearly finished 63ftx 15ftx9ft it cost me £600 for the insulated panels and the delivery of a arctic lorry full of panels the rest will make partitions for me office and honey room WHO SAID You cant make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.

Looking for 20 MEZZANINE FLOOR galvanized purlings
7x2 12ft wanted or 1065x65 x 144”

Thanks lads

Much better to have a covert cctv system installed which after sending text/email, allows you to view what is actually happening in your property from anywhere in the world. Other thing to be aware of is that outside alarm systems can be easily overridden by those in the know.

I used to use a system that runs through a PC recording to a hard drive that has motion detection that used to phone me up at work using a modem. Getting the detection level right was always interesting!! Moths on the camera at night and cats that visit the garden during the day used to trigger the motion detection.
I always fancied a system that uses a mobile network.
I used to use it for my birds, but since my better half is at home more with a littlie it has become redundant..

covert or not, if you put up a camera you legally must put up a sign saying you have CCTV. If you do not, it is not admissible (the law IS crazy!)
On the flipside you can put a sign up without a camera really being there!

BTW, Mike. I agree, the queen is gorgeous! I have everything crossed and will check on her in a week.
Peteinwilts that autodialer is just what I was looking for.



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