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Nov 8, 2008
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Nr Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.
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Today I have found pollen clusters on my OMF, 2 colours - bright orange and bright yellow. The bees have been flying a bit these past few days as the temperature has been in the 9 - 10 degrees range, as I haven't seen pollen on the floors for weeks could I assume this is freshly brought in? In the hedgerows round here are catkins, snowdrops and celandines. The pussy willow is just showing silver. Which of these would the yellow and orange pollen likely to be?

No I haven't - thanks. Looks like snowdrop for the bright orange then. Hazel (catkins) doesn't get a mention nor celandine, and willow is a possible for the bright yellow although I am surprised at that as it really isn't far enough forward...........but then maybe the bees have found some that I haven't seen :)

Thats good news frisbee, I hope to have a few mintues watching the hive entrace this weekend in the hope of seeing pollen being brought in.

There is loads of willos around me.
I also plan on having another look at the hives over the weekend.

My eyes are not as good as they used to be,I think I will have to put my suite on and have a close look as I never noticed any pollen last week.
I first saw pollen going into my hives on 30 January:) I'm not sure what it was because although the hazel round here had catkins a shake didn't release any pollen. A week later and there was loads being released and collected by very happy bees. We also have dandelions, gorse and crocus all in bloom - my cup runneth over:)
I have just been watching the entrances of my hives and they are all bringing pollen in:)

The colours are quite varried from sand to orange and bright yellow.

It is a good sign to see.
Hi Admin,
Day temps are very variable at this time of year, but we have had a shade temp of 13C. My hives are in full sun and were flying last week in a shade temp of 5C. We very rarely get any wind in this area which makes a big difference.
Thanks for that link Admin, new one on me. Watching five different colours of pollen coming in today, snowdrop bright orange most spectacular.
Is it the snowdrops that are like a gold glitter colour ? I have never seen such an amazing colour,you have to love mother nature..
Yes it is pretty special but make the most of it, snowdrop doesn't hang about for long. We walked over to the churchyard across the road from our hives, thousands upon thousands in a huge carpet and our bees were very busy. It was fascinating watching them, as you say nature being wonderful.