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Jan 9, 2024
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I am not sure if this is the right thread.....EDIT >>>>>>>Moved to general beekeeping section

Want to GROW your Beekeeping Business?

Young Lad with over 10 years of experience in commercial beekeeping operations in USA and AUSTRALIA is looking for work in the UK with skills that include:

Hive inspection and maintenance
Varroa Mite Detection and treatment using organic acids or approved chemicals
Disease and pest management
Harvesting and extracting honey
Pollination services
Queen-rearing and breeding programs
Apiary documentation and data analysis
Moving Hives in different locations using forklifts

I would love to experience and learn new things working in the beekeeping industry of UK, Learning new things with regards to the profession that I love is my goal. My beekeeping skills would be a great addition to your team and the things that I will learn will be an honor on my part.

Beekeeping is not a job, for me, it is a passion.



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Thank you for all your suggestion! I greatly appreciate the response :).
I don't know if anyone have tried hiring foreign workers for beekeeping in the UK except Denrosa.?
If you guys want to try growing your business, let me know. :).

£14 which I didn't think was too bad
Thank you so much for your recommendations and replies, it means alot!
take care and God Bless!
We used this truck to move bees between yards in California, and use a Hummerbee forklift.


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