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Apr 13, 2009
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Staffordshire, UK
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Went to my bee's on Tuesday afternoon, and took a small "ding" on left ear.

I've always had severe reactions to stings, but never been stung in head area.

An immediate reaction this time, within four minutes, I'd thrown the roof back onto the hive, got out from the tree's, under two fences, into the open where I could be seen, removed suit, and rung ambulance, then collapsed.

When paramedic arrived, my heart had stopped, apparently, and they got me going.

Then a Heli-vac ride to the North Staff Royal Infirmary, [which I know nothing about, a great shame!]

Came to about 3 hours later, I won't describe the effects, except to say that it's not nice - and they catheterized me, which isn't nice, either, had that once before, but under anaesthethic, but not this time.

Came out yesterday, complete with loads of tablets, including steroids to get fluid from lungs, and a pair of "Epi-pens".

Next two jobs - get rid of all bee's and gear, and get medi-bracelet!

I'm in mid Staffs, if anyone is interested, I need to shift the bee's and hives first, [you will - I'm not going near them].

They are at two sites, each within 2 miles of Stone, Staffs.

The other bits and pieces from my shed, will have to wait until I get back on my feet properly, sometime next week.

If anybody wants to PM me, I'd be pleased to discuss things.

How awful - I am sorry. Hope you are ok.
I am sorry you have to give up your bees. I do know that there is evidence to suggest that repeated exposure to a source that causes allergic reactions such as stings, shell fish peanuts etc can increase the risk of severity of anaphylaxsis over time in certain folk. For this reason many choose to carry a mobile at all times when seeing to their bee's.
Take care - sorry you missed the 'copter ride! Floss
Bad luck about the bees. Good luck you got through it, All the best in the future.
Really sorry to hear that John, but good to hear you have regained your health.

Must have been very frightening, particularly when you are on your own.
I'm really sorry to hear that John.
It sounds as if you have put a lot into Beekeeping as well.
I am glad you are OK now though.

Big thankyou to the Medics,
I would suggest sending them a jar of honey each, but maybe that is in bad taste considering the circumstances.

Take care John, and I hope life is good to you

Such a shame - commiserations, and good luck for the future!
Hi John

That is not good.... A lot of people knock our NHS system but when you have had to become intimitly involved, they are the best in the world. In most other country's in the western world you would not have had much change from a few thousand...

Being a newbie I was always worried about my first sting. I was 'fortunate' to get two stings on the back of the neck. Apart from feeling a bit green for a while, I was fine...

Hopefully your recovery will be swift... and choose a new hobby like fishkeeping! (Although I have a foxface whose sting is like a bees! :ack2: )

I know Stone well and I may be interested in more bees... what sort of prices are you looking for?

What a shi**y thing to happen, bet your gutted!!

Most important though, your alright!!

Take care m8
Thats real bad luck John,sorry to hear you are having to pack up.

The last time I heard the same story it was a Beekeeper from Norfolk,he was with his wife at the time and carried an Epi-pen because lke yourself he had reacted bad in the past.

Incase you have any dought you are doing the right thing in giving up he took a sting and reacted,he ran to the car and gave himself a shot with the pen and his wife drove him to the hospital.

He never made it and they could not get his heart started again.

You are makng the right choice !

Best of luck in the future.

John, when you start to feel down about giving up the bees just remember this......
You are very very lucky to still be here!:cheers2:

I guess if you were a cat that would be one of the nine gone :D
Thanks for all the commiserations!

Pete in Wilts, I don't know, I was hoping that someone local might take a ride out, and look at them, then make an offer.

There is a new National with OMF and an extra brood chamber, plus two supers; that's pretty full of bees, but it was the hive where the Queen died, and there should be an emergency Queen in there. She will be about ten days old now, but I haven't looked.

There another Nat, with an OMF, about three feet away, comprises 11 frames, but only only two or three are populated - needs to be viewed, but has a 2009 Queen from Mike [Eazy Bee], and could be used to head the other hive.

At the other field, there is one Nat brood, ex Mike, but I fitted a mesh floor on the bottom, and put a thin divider inside, one half is empty, and the other half has 5 frames in it, with one of Mike Queens, 2008 vintage.

It was just building up, when we had lots of rain last week, they were not going out, so I made up a small feeder from a jam jar, and it was giving them a helping hand.

The remainder is various bits and bobs in the shed, nothing of great value, all frames/foundation in my hives was new this year, and I've some unused frames/foundation in the shed.

Sorry if I'm rambling, still drugged up!

She will be about ten days old now, but I haven't looked.

feel free to ramble!

if she is only 10 days old, she 'may' not be mated. You might be right in finding a local to take them when they are ready to be moved...

Being a newbie I would have absolutely no idea how much things cost (especially as I make my own hives!!)
John - glad you're ok but sorry you're having to leave the 'craft' - I've PM'd you my number.


Sorry to hear you're having to give up, and I hope you get a satisfactory solution to a new home for the bees.
Dont desert us completely, once your feeling properly better you could become a virtual beekeeper through the forum.

Bad Luck.
I think in your case you were left with no choice.
It makes you dread even more the thought of all the new beekeepers installing a beehaus in the garden.
I bet there are people as allergic as you who will wake up one morning to find a plastic beehive on the other side of the garden fence.
Really sorry to hear what happened, but at least you could tell us the tale. :) All the very best for the future and hopefully you'll be a virtual beek on this forum.

Pleased you are on the mend now John,and wish you all the best.

Jon, i was thinking exactly the same as you,regards bee's and neighbours.
I've been overwhelmed with messages of good luck and encouragement - my thanks to all!

Far better than messages of condolence, of course.

Latest state of play is, that another member of this forum is planning to come to see the bee's in the next few days, I need to get them safely into a new home - more for their sake than anything, because whilst I cannot visit them, they are not being husbanded.

The person concerned, is going to look at my other items; however, there is a Poly Hive which I purchased about a month ago, from a supplier in Devon, which doesn't suit his needs.

It's never been used, and takes Dadant[?], frames, I think - so if anybody is interested, let me know - comprises OMF, Brood, super, roof/feeder, all loosely assembled, not painted.

I'm not expecting to make a fortune, but I will be donating a proportion to the forums' costs.