Omlet at the National Honey show...

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Nov 10, 2008
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More than 1, numbers seem to go up and down.
Saw my first Beehaus at the National Honey Show.

Omlet had entered it in the A practial invention related to bees or beekeeping class.

The results of the class are below. There were 6 entries in the class and but the resuts are colour coded stars. I remember that red and blue are first and second in the class but can't remember what yellow stands for...

Can anyone help?

the repetition award............:)
or possibly "the misspelt greedy breakfast" award
I thought if you stood on one leg with a traffic cone on your head and shouted "Omlete Omlete Omlete"in front of your ceder hives it was enough of a threat to your bees to make them bring in double the amount of honey.

Still 6th is better than last..
Still 6th is better than last..

Alas, I think 6th was last ... (6 entries in the class and all that...).

1st prize was a multi purpouse crown board that was quite innovative.
2nd prize was a bit of shed panel painted white with a slot cut in it to take the end of a frame. It acts as a guard when using an uncapping knife (protecting one's fingers) and I thought it was a good idea. It's easy to cut oneself when using an uncapping knife and cutting up to keep the cappings away from the comg. I actually liked the second prize most as it is such a simple obvious practical idea, especially as I've cut myself with an electric uncapping knife(!).

As it was the National Honey Show the judge was probably someone with years of experience who knows what they are doing .....
Bugger who was 6th! We now know roughly what was 1 & 2, what were numbers 3, 4 and 5?

Was there any plastic involved in the other entries?
There was a multi-purpouse wax cappings cleaning tray. You can stick it in a hive to get the bees to clean the wax, then put the tray in a solar melter to get the wax out of it. It was made of wood so after use could be sterilised by blow lamping.

As for the other entries I don't recall...