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Jul 1, 2010
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Ellon, Aberdeenshire
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Had a great day at my first attempt at Aberdeen & District Beekeepers Association Honey Show

I made 5 entries in the show

Newcomer Honey Class
One 1lb Jar of Granulated Blossom Honey 2nd Prize

Novice Honey Class
Two 1lb Jars of Granulated Blossom Honey 3rd Prize
Two 1lb Jars of Soft Set Honey 2nd Prize

Novice Wax Class
One Cake of Beeswax (weight not less than 8oz) 1st Prize
Beeswax for retail trade not less than 8oz in total and minimum of eight pieces Highly Commended

I was very surprised at my results
Well done you, I am not into competition myself but you have achieved a high standard to get those prizes.
Nice going Portsoy.

your gona want to better it next year arnt you!!!
Probably natural granulation and managed soft set with a seed honey.
The simply answer is:

Granulated Honey is allowed to naturally granulate over time

Soft Set is in effect manufactured using hard set OSR which is heated and seeded with a granulated honey of fine crystals and in my case also blended with liquid blossom honey for additional flavour and stirred using a power drill for 15 mins each hour over 4 hours and allowed to rest for 6 hours before bottling.
Don't usually need a seed when making soft set from OSR as it naturally crystallises with a fine crystal.
Well done. I won in two shows this year, like you my first, and fear I'm hooked.

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